It Takes Two: CE-36475-5 Error Fix

There has been a lot of hype circling around the all-new co-op title that is taking the world by storm. Its name? It Takes Two. The name perfectly explains the whole game. There is no single player in this game, and it takes two players to play the game. However, this isn’t no scheme for more sales for the game. On the contrary, players that own the game can play with players that don’t.

All it takes to do this is for the host to send a so called “Friend’s Pass”, and the other player can join in on the action. However, there is an error that players are encountering which doesn’t allow them to join. That error is called CE-36475-5.

Solution for CE-36475-5 – It Takes Two

This error is a connection issue, and players that don’t have a stable connection, or any connection can encounter it.

Still, there have been some reports stating that even with a stable connection, some are getting it either way. It is yet unknown whether this is an underlying issue in the game, or only for individuals.

There are a few fixes for the CE-36575-5 error. If one from the list doesn’t work, go to the next one.

Restart the Game

A restart is self-explanatory. Since it doesn’t cost anything to do, it can be the first step into troubleshooting the issue. Try this before anything else, and make sure both players do so.

Reinvite Player

If you get this error message when you’re trying to join a player’s lobby, then the host should reinvite you. If you’re the host, then resend the Friend’s Pass or the invite yet again.

Connection issues do happen, and requests might not go through, which doesn’t mean it is an underlying issue. Kindly, try again.

Run as Administrator (PC)

If you’re on PC, make sure that you’re running the game as an administrator. Other things that you can also check on PC are whether your operating system is up to date, as well as your graphics card drivers.

On top of that, make sure you’re running the latest version from the game.

Restart Router & Use Wired Connection

Those that use Wi-Fi connection, should consider switching to an ethernet cable. On average, you’re getting a much more stable and ultimately faster connection. Wi-Fi connection might be obstructed, which might cause dips in connection, hence the CE-36475-5 error.

Additionally, consider restarting the router. While it might sound that this doesn’t do much, it actually does. It resets the ICP and a couple of other things.

Restarting the router will be different depending on what type of router you have, but there is usually a button for a reset either on the front or back of the router. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this might reset your router settings and in some cases SSID and password, so do it at your own risk.

Verify Files or Reinstall

Those that play the game on a PC can verify whether their game installation has any corrupted or missing files. If even this doesn’t fix the issue, then consider a reinstall.

As for console players, there is no option to verify files, so the only option is a reinstall. Consider contacting the respected support team, if none of these methods worked for you.

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