Medieval Dynasty: Bear Location | How To Hunt Bear

There are many wild animals in Medieval Dynasty. Thanks to the hunting items, you can hunt these wild animals and collect their meat and fur. The bear is one of the most dangerous of these wild animals that can be hunted. Also, the bears are located at specific points on the map in the game.

Now let’s see where the bear is located and how it is hunted in Medieval Dynasty.

Bear Location In Medieval Dynasty

Bears spawn at specific points like other wildlife in the game. If you want to find and hunt a bear, you have to go there. The location of the bears is in mountainous areas away from the villages. Because of this, you may not be able to find bears close to villages. The nearest place to find bears is located in the south of Gostovia village, but there is something you should be aware of.

When the bears see you, they directly attack and damage you. In other words, you can suddenly feel a bear claw in your neck if you’re not careful. It will also be beneficial for the safety of your life to take hunting tools with you while going to this region.

How To Hunt Bear

When you go to the area mentioned above, you can find the bears and hunt them. One wooden spear is sufficient for this. However, hunting a bear is difficult because the damage done by the wooden spear may not kill the bear all at once. If you want to hunt the bear in one shot, you need to target the bear’s head with your spear. So you can hunt the bear and get the fur and meat.

Consequently, bears are found on specific points of the map rather than everywhere. One of these points is the mountainous areas in the south of Gostovia village. By going there carefully, you can find the bears and hunt them. Also, if the bear’s location is far from your home, it would be good for you to take lots of food and water with you.

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