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Cabbage is a vegetable obtained by farming in Medieval Dynasty. In the game, food such as cabbage, onions, and carrots can be brought using farming mechanics. For this, you need to craft a field and plant the seed there. You can then wait for the harvest season of the vegetable you planted and harvest the growing vegetable after harvest season to obtain both seeds and vegetables. The same process applies to cabbage. To get cabbage, you need cabbage seeds.

Let’s see where to find cabbage seeds in Medieval Dynasty.

Where To Find Cabbage Seed In Medieval Dynasty

To obtain cabbage, you first need cabbage seeds. These seeds can be obtained in two ways. The first is to buy cabbage seeds from villager vendors in certain places. Another way is to get cabbage seeds after harvesting the cabbage you planted.

Cabbage seeds are sold by the seller Norbert in the village of Branica, north of the village of Gostovia. Also, the seller named Dagobert in Denica village, west of Gostovia village, sells cabbage seeds. In these two vendors, the seeds’ selling price is unchanged, and the cabbage seeds are sold for 16 gold each. You can find cabbage seeds by going to these two vendors.

Finally, You can sow cabbage seeds in spring, after purchasing them from vendors, and harvest them in summer. You will also get cabbage seeds after harvesting the cabbage. So, you only need to buy cabbage seeds from vendors the first time, then the cabbage seeds you planted will provide with cabbage seeds again during the harvest season.

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