Medieval Dynasty: Cave Location Guide

Getting rocks in Medieval Dynasty sometimes challenges the players. For this, knowing the cave in a particular area of the map in the game will make players comfortable and easier to obtain rocks. Thanks to the rock deposits in the cave, you will be able to get rocks quite quickly.

Let’s see cave location in Medieval Dynasty.

Cave Location In Medieval Dynasty

In Medieval Dynasty, the cave is in a mountainous area away from the villages. This cave full of rock deposits is located in the mountainous area south of Gostovia village. You can enter the cave by going to the location shown on the map and dig rocks by a pickaxe.

On the other hand, there are a few things to consider when going here. Your hunger and thirst will increase considerably during your time here because of the cave’s depth and the distance to the cave. Therefore, taking a large amount of food and water with you while you go excavating the cave will ensure your survival.

In addition, wild animals, especially bears, are quite common where the cave is located. Taking more than one spear with you will protect you from these wild animals. If you do not take a spear with you, you can suddenly feel a bear’s claw in your neck.

Consequently, caves are one of the places that provide you resources in Medieval Dynasty. You can dig a lot of rocks and craft new items with these rocks. As a tip, you can make good money if you make a stone axe from the rocks you dig and sell them to the village merchants. Also, don’t forget to take lots of food, water, and spears when going to the cave.

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