Medieval Dynasty: Fox Location | Where To Find

The fox is one of the wild animals in the game. Although its appearance is not as scary as other pets, it can frighten you with its strange voice while walking through a forest in the dark of night. The best way to spot a fox is by its voice. In other words, if you hear strange sounds in the forest, there is a fox nearby.

Let’s see where to find a fox in Medieval Dynasty.

Where To Find Fox In Medieval Dynasty

Foxes are often found in forests or rural areas near villages. For example, there are foxes around the path east of Gostovia village.

A fox can greet you with its strange voice while walking in any forest. Although foxes are classified as wild animals, they do not attack you like other wild animals such as bears, boars, and wolves.

How To Hunt Fox In Medieval Dynasty

Also, if you want to hunt foxes, it will be a bit of a challenge compared to other wild animals. Foxes are tiny wild animals, although they move quite quickly. Therefore, it is challenging for you to hit the target with your spear or arrow. However, there are several ways to hunt foxes. First of all, if you want to hunt foxes, you have to move quietly. For this, you can press the “Ctrl” key to make it easier for you to aim by walking near to the fox silently.

Another tip is that if you want to hunt a moving fox, aiming in the direction of the fox’s running with your spear or bow will increase the chance of hunting the fox. When you pay attention to these paths, you can easily hunt the fox.

Consequently, the fox is not as dangerous as other wild animals, but it can scare you with its strange sound. Foxes are often found in forests and rural areas near villages. When the fox sees you, it prefers to run away rather than attack. The body of foxes is also tiny, and it is running so fast. Because of this, fox hunting is more complicated than other wild animals. However, if you come closer to the fox silently or aim in the running direction, you can easily hunt the fox.

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