Medieval Dynasty: How To Get Axe

The axe is one of the essential items in the Medieval Dynasty. Thanks to the axe, you can get a wooden log, one of the most critical resources, by cutting trees. You can make your first house, you can hunt by crafting a spear with wooden logs. In other words, the axe is the beginning of everything in Medieval Dynasty.

Let’s see how you get the axe in Medieval Dynasty.

How To Get Axe In Medieval Dynasty

In Medieval Dynasty, the axe can be crafted from different resources such as stone and iron. The most basic type of axe is the stone axe. You can craft a stone axe by gathering the necessary resources within a few minutes after starting the game. You need ten sticks and two stones to craft a stone axe. Once you have these resources, you can get a stone axe by following the steps below:

Step 1: Press the “Q” key.

Step 2: Select the “Crafting” tab.

Step 3: Press “Stone Axe”.

It’s that simple. Now you have an axe, and with it, you can collect the wooden logs you need to build your first home. Also, you must have technological progress to craft different types of axes, such as iron axes. If you want to own an iron axe and do not have enough technological advancement, you can go to some villages and buy an iron axe from vendors here.

On the other hand, the stone axe will be enough for you at the start of the game. The difference between an iron axe and a stone axe is that the iron axe is more durable.

Consequently, the axe is a necessary item to meet your most basic needs in Medieval Dynasty. You can use two different ways to get an axe: crafting and purchasing. Although there are axes made of various resources, the stone axe will meet your needs at the beginning of the game.

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