Medieval Dynasty: How to Get Sticks | Where to Find

Sticks are one of the essential resources in Medieval Dynasty. You need sticks for almost all crafting and building. Because of this, you need quite a lot of sticks as the game progresses.

In other respect, sticks are one of the most easily obtained raw materials in the game.

Let’s take a look at where to find sticks and how to get them.

Where To Find Sticks In Medieval Dynasty

Since the stick is one of the most critical resources of Medieval Dynasty, it is found in many places in the game. You can find sticks on the side of the road, even while walking in the villages.

On the other hand, the forest where most sticks are found in the game. If you go into any forest, you can find many sticks here.

How To Get Sticks

There are multiple ways to get sticks in the game. First, you can get sticks when cutting a tree. For this, all you need is an axe. Sticks will automatically come to your inventory while cutting trees. In addition, sticks can be scattered where you cut the tree. Don’t forget to collect them after logging.

Another way to get a stick is to collect branches of different tree species such as bird branches and pine branches around. This way is the shortest way to get sticks, and these tree branches are quite common in forests. Thus, you can have a large number of sticks very quickly.

Finally, there are sticks already on the ground in the forest. You can also collect these sticks on the ground. You do not need to craft any item for this. You need to move to the stick on the ground and press the “E” key.

Notwithstanding, you can get more than one stick from a tree branch when collecting tree branches, but you cannot get more than one stick from one when collecting sticks on the ground. Therefore, getting sticks from tree branches stands out as a faster and more profitable way.

Consequently, sticks are essential resources in Medieval Dynasty because they are required for all of crafting and building. You need a relatively large amount of sticks to progress in Medieval Dynasty, which will continue throughout the game. Moreover, you can get sticks from anywhere in the forest in multiple ways. The most profitable and fastest of these ways is to collect tree branches.

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