Medieval Dynasty: Hunting Lodge | How To Build Hunting Lodge

Hunting Lodge is one of the most important buildings for hunting in Medieval Dynasty. In Hunting Lodge, you can craft different hunting tools for hunting so you can hunt animals more efficiently. You can obtain materials such as meat, fur, and feathers from the animals you hunt. While filling your stomach with meat, you can craft clothes for yourself from fur and feathers. Therefore, Hunting Lodge is one of the most necessary buildings for you if you enjoy hunting animals in the game.

Let’s see how to build a hunting lodge in Medieval Dynasty.

How To Build Hunting Lodge In Medieval Dynasty

You can craft many different hunting items, including various bows and arrows at the hunting lodge. In addition, you can also craft a torch and a waterskin in which you can fill water to meet your water needs when you go hunting in the forest.

To build Hunting Lodge, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Press the “Q” key, and select “Building”.

Step 2: Click on “Survival”.

Step 3: Select “Hunting Lodge I”.

To build a Hunting Lodge, you must have made some progress in Medieval Dynasty. There are two different levels of a hunting lodge in the game. For the first level hunting lodge, “Hunting Lodge I”, you need to have 50 technology points in the “Survival” area. For the second level hunting lodge, you need 2500 technology points. The variety of products you can craft in the second level hunting lodge increases. Therefore, you have to go through a lot of technological progress to build a second level hunting lodge.

Consequently, a hunting lodge in the Medieval Dynasty is a highly necessary structure for hunters. In this building, you can craft different arrows and bows so you can hunt animals with ease. You can also craft a torch to see your way at night when you go hunting and a waterskin to meet your water needs. Thus, you can extend the time you stay on the hunt and hunt more animals.

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