Medieval Dynasty: Location of Wolves

The wolf is one of the wild animals in the game. Although wolves are hazardous animals, you can hunt them with a spear in your hand. The wolves in specific locations on the map are animals in the medieval Dynasty that you shouldn’t get too close to.

Let’s take a look at the location of wolves in Medieval Dynasty.

The Location Of Wolves In Medieval Dynasty

Wolves are wild animals, and they live away from villages like many other wild animals. If you want to hunt wolves, which can sometimes be dangerous, you need to go to the forests far from the villages.

One of the places where wolves are most common is the forest where Sombar is located. Located in the north of Borowo village, this forest is the home of many wild animals. One of the wild animals in this forest is the wolf. When you approach the wolves, the sound of the voice you hear is the harbinger of wolves’ existence. As a tip, it will be beneficial for you to be silent after hearing this sound and to hold your spear.

Also, there are different wild animals like a bear in this forest where wolves are found. Therefore, taking many spears with you while going to this forest will increase your chances of survival in the forest.

Consequently, there are wolves in the harsh living conditions in the Medieval Dynasty. The wolf, one of the wild animals in the game, is located in forest areas far from the villages. Wolves can sometimes be quite dangerous due to their very agile movement. Although the wolves are located in the forest north of Borowo village, taking many spears with you to defend yourself will ensure your survival. Also, keeping quiet when you hear howls will protect you from the attack of wolves.

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