Medieval Dynasty: Salted Meat | How to Make Salted Meat

There are millions of things you can do with food in Medieval Dynasty. For example, you can make regular meat salted, which can be used for different things, and also lasts more.

Salted meat can be used for sustenance, it can be roasted on a fire, or it can be an ingredient to other dishes. As I said, it lasts more than other meats, but it can dehydrate faster.

Nonetheless, we will tell you how to make salted meat in Medieval Dynasty easily.

How to Make Salted Meat – Medieval Dynasty

It has a couple of uses in other dishes like Potage, Stew, and Soup. These have a higher nutritional value than the salted meat alone, since they are combined with other more nutritious foods.

The nutritional value for salted meat is seven. To buy salted meat, it will set you back 12 coins, and if you sell it, you will get only 2 coins.

So, how to make salted meat? This is how:

  1. Get meat.
  2. Get salt.
  3. Make a Hunting Lodge II. Also, Fishing Hut II might work as well.
  4. After you have all of the required ingredients, i.e. salt and meat, mix them in a barrel.

That’s how straightforward it is to make meat in Medieval Dynasty. Although, I can’t see why you would need to make salted meat.

There are many more efficient and more nutritional food choices out there. Furthermore, not to mention the extremely high costs.

Medieval Dynasty for some reasons has very high costs for salted foods. This might change in the future, since all its players agree with that statement.

We haven’t seen anything official stated by the developers, as to plans on modifying this mechanic, but it’s very likely. Nevertheless, we hope that we have cleared up how easy you can make salted meat in Medieval Dynasty.

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