Medieval Dynasty: Straw Location | How to Get Straw

Straws are one of the essential items in the Medieval Dynasty. Straw is a raw material for crafting items and building main structures. Because of this, you will always need straws to survive in the game.

On the other hand, it can sometimes be challenging to get straw for players who are just starting the game. The reason for this is that straw is located in a different place compared to other raw materials.

Let’s see where and how we can get Straw in Medieval Dynasty …

Where To Find Straw In Medieval Dynasty

Where straws are found is different from other raw materials. Players who want to get straw must go to the riverside. You can obtain straw by harvesting reeds by the river.

How To Get Straw

There is simply no way to get straw in the Medieval Dynasty. You can get straw by harvesting reeds by the river or obtaining straw in other methods. One of the other methods is to steal hay from the village. For this, when you start the game, go to the nearest village, approach the open straws, and hold down the “E” key. Thus, you will get hay by stealing hay from the villagers.

On the other hand, this is a hazardous way because stealing an item in the Medieval Dynasty may return you a bad reputation. If a villager sees you while stealing the straw, the villagers will have negative thoughts against you. This will affect their attitude towards you. If you want to steal the straws, it would be good to do so without being seen by anyone.

Another way is to build a barn and craft the threshing floor here to get hay. However, you need to make some progress in the game to build a barn. This is not a very useful way in the early game.

Consequently, straw is the resource for many crafting and building. At this point, you need quite a lot of straw in building a house. When building your house, straw is required for the roof, and a house without a straw cannot be complete. Therefore, the location of straw and the methods of obtaining it is a critical issue for the Medieval Dynasty. If you know these, your progress in the game will be more comfortable, and your chances of survival will increase.

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