Meet The Team

Caffeinatedgamer was made because of a love of late-night gaming and a lack of quality gaming guides. Our goal for the site is to provide reliable guides and news to our readers.

We value our readers, we don’t just want to be a site, but a community. Without them, without YOU, we would be nothing.

Borut Udovič
Entrepreneur by heart and gamer by night + Huge Coffee lover. Also Big fan of eSports games like CS:GO.
Ezequiel Martinez
A life long gamer, a writer by nature, and tinker by habit. I have passion for burning through the night and understanding what makes games tick.

Anwell Patdu
Self-proclaimed gaming nerd and tech expert. Big fan of shooter games, MOBAs, RPGs, and exploration games.

Graeden Johns
Video Producer
Young but a gamer by heart, been playing since my elementary years. I’m a huge fan of shooters, but especially survival and zombie games. I enjoy making and editing videos, and playing games with friends in my spare time.
Andres Herrera
Video Producer
Highly creative and enthusiastic gamer with a Business/Financial career. FPS games are my thing.
I truly believe we can make a difference in the world by doing what we love the most.