Meteorite Locations – Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Meteorites are such an exciting part of this game and bring so many exciting things to it. These objects can be used for tools or weapons. A meteorite is a piece of iron that falls from the sky. You can make them fall by finding specific locations in the game, which trigger that event. Let’s find out all meteorite locations!

All Meteorite Locations in Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

At the moment, there are 12 locations where you can find meteorites. As we said before, you have to find a specific place that will trigger an event that brings the meteorites. These triggering events can discover a few meteorite sites at once, so that means you don’t have to find twelve other places. 

After you find the Rock Arrow Oasis, you unlock three meteorite sites. These sites are The Baobabs site, which is close to the Baobabs Oasis, which itself can open The Desert site, The Rock Boundaries site, which is near the Pond & Puddle Oasis, and The Single Kapok one which is not far off the Drying Basin Oasis.

When you discover the Rocky Tarn Oasis, you uncover two other ones. One of them is The Carissa Clearing site, which is close by the Buried Garden Oasis. And the other one is The Savanna’s Boulders Enclave; this one is in close proximity to the Buffalo’s basin Oasis.

MeteoriteLocations Map

The Father Tree Meteorite Location

Another triggering event place is The Father Tree, and this tree has three sites to its name. The first one is The Dead Tree site; this one is close to The Highland Plateau. The next one is The Flat Boulder one, which is near the Rockslide Oasis. And the last one is The Island site, with it being nearby another island, The Crocodiles one.

The Highland Peak uncovers The Lake Clearing’s site, this one is found near The Great Lake. 

The Green Rock Pathway, on the other hand, reveals The Over-The-Cave’s site; for finding this, you need to be close to The Butterfly Tree Oasis.

The last one is The Swamp site, and this one can be unveiled when you find the Hidden Waterfall Oasis, and it’s located close to The Little Swamp.

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