Monster Hunter Rise: Dragonite Ore Location

Hunting is not the only thing you will do in Monster Hunter Rise. On the contrary, the game has a huge progression curve, and it will take you to places where you can find certain materials and upgrade your gear to the next tier. So, crafting, farming, mining, hunting, and a lot more has to be done if you want to be a successful hunter.

Many new players in the game, focus on getting a particular material called the Dragonite Ore. It is used for upgrading armor and weapons, hence why so many want to get their hands on it.

Where to Find Dragonite Ore – Monster Hunter Rise

Despite it being a fairly uncommon material, there is really an abundance of it in some places. Places like the Lava Caverns are full of Dragonite ore.

Navigating this hot and rocky place can be a bit of a hassle, but it is possible. Most of the people looking for this ore haven’t yet unlocked higher tier content.

Nonetheless, you can find the Dragonite ore in the Lava Caverns when mining the Mining Outcrops. There will be two types of mining outcrops, blue and white ones.

Since Dragonite ore is technically a rare ore, you will have the highest chance to get it from white mining outcrops spots on the map. To easily find these mining outcrops, open up the map, and select special items, and then select what to search for.

After a certain point in the game, the Dragonite ore will start to be available at a much larger scale, and soon enough you will be able to farm it from blue deposits as well. This is mainly because your priorities will change, and you will need other rare ores to upgrade weapons and gear.

But still, getting it early on is essential, and the best way to do is like the aforementioned, which is from the mining outcrops at the Lava Caverns.

Granted, a player must unlock that location in the world, but still, that will come at a very early stage in the game.

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