Monster Hunter Rise: Find Toxic Kumori, Dreamshell & Dosbiscus

The biggest issue when playing a game as vast as Monster Hunter Rise is finding the items that you need for your adventure. Some items are very hard to find, partly because not many are aware or know how to obtain said items. Still, in order to be a successful hunter, one must do so. Items like the Toxic Kumori, Dreamshell and the Dosbiscus are very hard to come by.

Nevertheless, today, we will focus on those items, and soon enough, we will show you how you can exactly get them.

Get Toxic Kumori, Dreamshell & Dosbiscus – Monster Hunter Rise

For the junior hunters out there, Argosy is a place where hunters can farm and trade rare items in the game. With the case of today’s items, those can be acquired there as well.

With the toxic kumori, the dreamshells, and the dosbiscus, you will be able to make some interesting, and frankly powerful armor and gear.

When you unlock Rondine’s shop, you will be able to start getting toxic kumori, dreamshell, and dosbiscus. You can do so from the Ordering Items tab. This is where you send buddies to go and grab items you need from particular markets.

Now, what you need to do is find items to order, which have a chance to give you other items as well, but in this case, some of the beforementioned items.

In different markets that your buddies go to, there will be some different items which you *might* get extra. So, this isn’t a sure thing, but this is the best way to get these resources in this game, at this moment.

Some markets which have a chance to give you either toxic kumori, dreamshell, or dosbiscus include: Mushyroom Market, Sungnug Fruitfair, Icebarb Bazaar.

Check and order from Rondine’s shop frequently, in order to get the best chance of getting some item you need.

To sum up, what you need to do is go to Argosy, open up Rondine’s shop, and make some trade request for some item. Send you buddy to a market or for an item, which will have a chance to give you one of the aforementioned items.

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