Monster Hunter Rise: How to Unlock All Farm Slots

Monster Hunter Rise has come a long way since it came out. Gone are the days where players couldn’t even sprint. These days, the game is much more mature, as there are flying characters in the game, mechanics are improved drastically, and there is so much more. But since the beginning, Argosy was a place where players went to farm for rare items, and for buying rare items.

To unlock more farm slots, a player has to complete side missions in the game. The side missions will appear as text bubbles when a player is walking around in the world.

Get All Farm Slots – Monster Hunter Rise

Today, we will focus on completing two quests, which many players in the game struggle with. Those quests are called “Cultural Exchange” and “Economic Stimulation”.

In both of them, the premise of the objectives is to find certain items to complete the quest, hence the quests’ difficulty. Nonetheless, this is an easy way to unlock a few farm slots, if you’re looking to farm a bit.

Cultural Exchange Side Quest

To finish this one, players will need to collect x3 Wisplanterns and x3 Boatshells. Both of these items can be found at the Shrine Ruins.

To get the Wisplanterns, a player will need to find certain bushes called “Shimmering Red Berry”. An easy way to do it is to filter for special items, and select that bush to give you the exact locations for them.

The Boatshells on the other hand, can be collected in the Frozen Islands. Just search for oyster beds under special items in the map, and it will give you locations for them. Usually, they’re in the watery areas.

Economic Stimulation Side Quest

For the last quest for unlocking all farm slots, a player will need to collect three items. The first one is x1 King Rhino, which can be found in the Flooded Forest map.

Find Shining Rhino special item on the map, again you can get the exact locations. As for the Rock Roses, they come from the Desert Roses on the Sandy Plains map. These are easier to get compared to the King Rhino.

Bismuth Prisms. The last item is Bismuth Prisms, and you will need three of those. Find them in the Lava Caverns when mining Iridescent Ore.

After you complete this quest, return to Argosy, and you should have all of the farm/submarine slots unlocked.

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