Monster Hunter Rise: How to Use Amiibo & Compatibility

Amiibo figures by Nintendo have been on the scene for some time now. In some cases, players can interact with them using the controller, and sometimes they can give certain in-game bonuses to players. With the rise of Monster Hunter Rise, *pun intended*, the game now features Amiibo functionality, and players can get certain in-game items and bonuses in the game.

However, even though this was a big thing and the most hyped thing in Monster Hunter Rise at the moment, many don’t even know how to properly use the amiibo functionality.

Using Amiibo in Monster Hunter Rise

What the developers stated, was that the game will have an NPC which will help players use the amiibo. The NPC is called Kagero the Merchant. Some of you might have heard of him.

To get to the merchant, you will need to travel to the Steelworks location on the map. When there, look around, and the merchant should be relatively close to you.

He will offer some items for sale and he will accept items that you want to sell, but under all that, you will find “Read Amiibo” which is where you click if you want to use amiibo in Monster Hunter Rise.

Now, the merchant will also make it clear to you that, some amiibo figures will give you special items when you scan them. These prizes aren’t daily, as they’re only a one-time type of deal.

Still, it is good to have some extra goodies either way.

For those that don’t know, amiibo figures will grant you lottery entries. The maximum amount of lottery entries is limited though. A player can get up to three lottery entries per day while scanning amiibo figures.

One amiibo can be used for one entry per day. As far as the rewards are concerned, there have been some cases where players get some unique items.

As this is still very new, there is not that much information on the topic, but there will most certainly be some lottery chances, and drop rates. Stay tuned to keep being up-to-date with Monster Hunter Rise.

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