Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Find a Lightcrystal

In the heart of every Monster Hunter game is the necessity for hard work in order to get better gear. The newest title, Monster Hunter Rise, is no doubt a challenging game. To progress a player must focus on completing as many quests and expeditions as possible. Nevertheless, how do you get certain upgrades before getting to tougher quests later on in the game?

Well, there is the possibility to complete some low-rank quests. However, these are usually annoying since players will need to get items like the Lightcrystal, which is very tough to come by.

Lightcrystal Location – Monster Hunter Rise

A good example of why knowing the Lightcrystal’s location might not be a bad idea, is the fact that this item can be used to work on weapons like the Iron Bow and the Rathian set.

The richest place with Lightcrystal is the Flooded Forest. Still, not many are aware of what they need to farm in order to get this tricky item.

Well, Mining Outcrops in the Flooded Forest hold the most Lightcrystal in the game. However, if you select only Mining Outcrops on the map, there a few different kinds. There are a few blue ones and a few white ones.

This might not be a fact, but many players state that the white Mining Outcrops have a much higher chance to give you Lightcrystals. This is because it is believed that these ones yield rarer materials.

As for the blue ones, they’re great from materials which are more common in the game.

Another thing which is important is that this isn’t the only way to get some Lightcrystals. The Boulder Lizards in Monster Hunter Rise will also give you this rare material.

Players are guaranteed at least one Lightcrystal when interacting with the Boulder Lizard, but they’re usually very scarce in the Flooded Forest, and the whole Monster Hunter world.

Still, a Lightcrystal here and there can start to add up quite quickly. So, whenever you pass these type of mobs, make sure to interact with them, to get some Lightcrystals.

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