Outriders: Can You Get Legendary Items from Repeating Quests

We all know that Outriders is an RPG, where farming is essential. Players must battle it out with strong enemies to get the gear that they deserve. However, after the statement made by People Can Fly – Outriders’ developers, which stated that all the progress now will be carried out to the full game, many have gone on to get as much done as possible.

In consequence many “exploits” were found, and many questionable farming methods. But People Can Fly have responded with an update addressing some of these things.

Repeating Quests: Do They Give Legendaries?

Most of the farming methods that many have started to use in Outriders are patched now. Most of them were methods where you loot as many chests as possible. But now, chests won’t give legendary items any more.

Even if that is the case, players also repeated many quests to get some loot. Is it possible to get any loot from repeating a quest in Outriders though?

Yes, players can still get legendary items and loot from repeating quests in Outriders. It is fair to mention though, that this doesn’t go for chests as well.

Bosses that were deemed the most efficient means of getting legendary items will still give legendary items. In response to that, People Can Fly went on to say:

“Having listened to very reasonable community feedback, we have enabled the Gauss boss chest to drop Legendaries again as we should indeed be rewarding boss runs.” So, in any case, boss runs are still a viable farming method in the game, like it should.

With the newest patch, there were a couple of other things that were changed as well, but all in all, the main changes were those with how the game rewards players, and some fundamental rewarding changes.

We can only speculate how things will pan out for the future of Outriders, but these changes seem reasonable. At the moment players cannot go more that world tier five, which may be the main reason why so many opt-in for efficient farming methods.

As world difficulty gets unlocked, the chance for getting legendaries will increase as well. On a side note, with the newest update you might be experiencing some random crashes, and crashes on startup in Outriders. There are fixes available for both.

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