Outriders: Could Not Connect to Servers Fix

Although Outriders shot up in popularity, this doesn’t make the game issue-bulletproof. On the contrary, because there are so many more players now, rather than with its demo, it is only fair that more reports of errors and problems are coming in. While many are stuck on a “signed in” screen in Outriders, there are also many players that cannot connect to Outriders’ servers.

This might be due to the servers being down, but if that’s not the case, chances are that the issue is caused on the player’s side.

Causes for Connection Issues – Outriders

There are a couple of reasons which might contribute to players getting this error:

  • Unstable connection.
  • Slow internet speed.
  • Network driver not updated.
  • DNS not flushed in a while.
  • Steam’s cache.
  • And more.

Solution 1: Update Network Driver

If you’re playing Outriders on your PC, then there is a possibility that your network driver is not up-to-date. However, if you’re on console, move on to the next fix.

For good measure, you should also check for updates on your operating system. Usually, drivers are getting downloaded through the Windows Update interface.

Search for “Windows Update” in your Start Menu and update if necessary.

Solution 2: Switch to a Wired Connection

Using Wi-Fi is a big no-no when it comes to gaming. It can cause a variety of issues, partly because of how unstable it is, and it is prone to obstructions.

If you’re running your system and Outriders on Wi-Fi, make sure you rectify that, by connecting an ethernet cable to your system.

NOTE: Try to launch Outriders between each method, to see whether the problem still persists.

Solution 3: Clear Steam’s Cache

Again, this is only for the PC users, so if you’re running Outriders on a console, continue to the next fix in the list. As for clearing the cache on Steam, it is relatively straightforward:

  1. Run Steam as an administrator.
  2. Hit Steam in the top-left, and go to Settings.
  3. Navigate to the Web-Browser menu, and then hit “Delete Web Browser Cache”.
  4. Hit OK.
  5. Then, click on “Delete all browser cookies”.
  6. Navigate to Downloads, then press “Clear download cache”.
  7. Try Outriders.

Solution 4: Restart your Router

While it may seem like it won’t make any difference, a router restart does a couple of key things. Multiple settings get reset, and some cache gets deleted.

A simple router restart will go a long way. However, be weary, because a router restart might reset all of your previously set router settings. Resetting your router differs depending on the model and type of router, but there is usually a reset button somewhere on it.

Solution 5: Flush DNS

Before pulling the plug and reinstalling the whole game, try to flush your PC’s DNS. To do it, open your Start Menu and search for “CMD” and click enter. When your command prompt opens, type in “ipconfig /flushdns” and then press enter.

Still, make sure to run command prompt as an administrator.

If none of the aforementioned fixes worked for you, make sure to also check out Outriders’ server status. If the servers are up, either try verifying the integrity of game files if you’re on Steam, or reinstalling the game on other platforms.

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