Outriders: How to Save

With games as vast and as progression-focused as Outriders, many players are weary of losing their progress. It is understandable. After all, you dedicate a big part of yourself to put in the hours to get a certain level of gear, or to reach a certain point in the game, only to lose your progress completely. However, when it comes to Outriders, that is not the case.

Losing your progress is very unlikely in Outriders, however, it can happen. So, this leaves players to find ways to manually save the game. But is it even possible?

Manual Save in Outriders

The short answer is, no. There is no manual save in Outriders, as the game automatically get saved whenever a loading screen or cinematic starts. It also autosaves every once in a while, and whenever your objectives get changed from directions, to offensive objectives.

This in turn, makes it impossible to lose a huge chunk of your progress. At most, only a few minutes of progress can be lost, and, even that is highly unlikely.

The game cannot even be played offline, because the saves get directly saved to the cloud. This makes it even harder for your progress to be lost, or even worse, corrupted.

Outriders runs on a similar architecture to other RPGs out there, and well, the autosave of progress has come a long way.

Gone are the days where players lost hours of progress, just because the autosave didn’t seem to do its job. So, when it comes to losing your progress, there is no need to worry for that in Outriders. As for manual saves for other purposes, such as transfer to other platforms or similar, well, it’s impossible.

Manipulation or transfer of save files is impossible in Outriders, just because of how and where the progress gets saved. It saves on a cloud, and you can transfer your account from one platform to another, to transfer your save.

Nevertheless, that progress will be overwritten once you start playing the game, since the game is on an online platform, and isn’t offline for the files to be saved locally.

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