Rainbow Wand | How Much Is Worth?

Old items in Adopt Me can become Legendary trading commodities if they were limited and only several players have them. That is the case with the Rainbow Wand. It started as a limited uncommon toy, but it has slowly increased in value.

It was available in an old gift rotation, and it cannot be obtained by gifts anymore. The only way you can get one is by trading. So, what is a Rainbow Want worth in Adopt Me?

How Much is Rainbow Wand Worth?

It’s a long stick toy that has a rainbow going through it at the end. It was priced for either 70, 199, or $499 depending on how big the gift was.

Like any other limited item in Adopt Me, you cannot pinpoint its value, but you can get a picture of what you can expect to trade for one. Some players get lucky and exchange everyday items for it, but some trade expensive Legendary pets.

It all depends on how much you want it or the person you are trading it with likes it. Mostly, it is not that special, and it’s worth about one Legendary pet.

However, be careful not to overpay for it. Yes, it is worth a Legendary pet but not a Neon or a Frost Dragon. If you want to sell it, it is probably a good idea since it is just a trophy and has no particular use.

Nonetheless, if you want to buy one, don’t pull out your big guns and try to give Legendaries for it, since most players want to get rid of it. Try trading a couple of Uncommon pets or Rare pets for it. You might get it.

You can find even more wands in Adopt Me, which have the same value. Wands like Star Wand and Witch’s wand have the same value, and it is based on preference, which one would you rather have.

Lastly, it might go up in value in the future, but that all depends on if the game’s item and pet roster will get bigger. If it does, the chances are slim that someone would want this wand.

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