Silence: How to Fix – Crashes, Black Screen, Controls Not Working

Silence, even though not quite appealing to everyone, it has won the hearts of many since its release. It has linear and point-to-click gameplay, hence being discarded by a big part of the gaming world.

Nevertheless, what this game loses in gameplay, it makes up for in great cinematic story-telling, and with the test of your puzzle-solving skills. This is all to say that this game is liked by many, but as with any game, there will be issues.

Let’s get into how to fix crashes, black screen, and controls not working in Silence.

How to Fix: Crashes, Black Screen, Controls Not Working – Silence

Much like any other game, Silence comes with its problems also. Thankfully, there aren’t many bugs or errors, because it’s a relatively small game in almost every aspect.

Let’s get into how to fix crashes, black screen, and controls not working in Silence:

IMPORTANT: Before you try any of the fixes, update all of your drivers, and make sure that you have the minimum necessary requirement to run the game.


  1. Start the game in Administrator mode. Right-click > Run as Administrator.
  2. If your game starts, but can run only when in menu, go into options.
  3. In options, go to graphics.
  4. From there, turn off anit-aliasing, and lower the graphics further.
  5. If that doesn’t work, do a clean installation of the game.

Black Screen

  1. On its shortcut, right-click and go to Properties.
  2. From there, at the Run option, choose minimized. If you can’t find this option then start the game and ALT + Enter – this will make your game windowed.
  3. If the issue still persists, when you start the game and you are greeted with the black screen, click ALT + Tab.
  4. ALT + Tab again to get back to the game and see if that fixes the issue.

Controls Not Working

  1. This can happen if you happen to have multiple keyboards, mice, and controllers.
  2. Exit the game and unplug each, only leave one keyboard and mouse or a controller.
  3. If the controls are still working, you might be using a controller that is not Xbox. This game only supports Xbox native controllers.

These are all the possible fixes for these problems. The developers haven’t been concerned with these, because they’re mostly client-side issues, i.e. compatibility issues between your system and the game.


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