Smash Legends: Latest Working Codes & how to redeem them

The new Working Codes for Smash Legends are here. Codes will give you a small boost in the game which can be a free boost, coins, rewards, strength, and much more. These new codes will give you free boosts, code for 500 coins, and code for 250 strength.

New Smash Legends Codes

It is super simple to redeem codes in Smash Legends, you just need to follow the steps below:

1. Launch the game

2. Click the Twitter Codes on the left to open the Codes window. Enter the code and click Redeem so you will redeem the code.

Now when you know how to redeem the codes here are the new Active Codes for Smash Legends:

SMASH! – 250 Strength, 500 coins, and 100 gold Hammers

BOOST – 15-minute boosts

LEVEL UP – 500 Coins

25kmembers – Free boosts

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