Stardew Valley: How to find the Coffee Ring

There is no doubt that grinding and farming is a huge part of Stardew Valley. What mostly surprises in this game is the amount of mines or caves that you can visit and explore.

You will spend most of your Stardew Valley journey in these, as they’re the main sources for special gear and valuable items. The coffee ring can be acquired from a dungeon as well, more specifically, the Volcano dungeon.

Even though it is quite a harsh place, for the coffee ring, it is definitely worth it to go there.

How to Find the Coffee Ring – Stardew Valley

For those that are not aware, what we call the coffee ring, is actually the Hot Java Ring. It is a ring which drastically improves your chances to get some coffee, hence the unique name.

Your chances of getting a coffee from an enemy are 25% while wearing the ring, and 7.50% for at least an espresso. This is the best item if you’re looking to farm some coffee.

The coffee ring – Hot Java ring, can be acquired from the chests in the Volcano Dungeon in Stardew Valley.

Unfortunately, there is a small chance that you get the ring from the chests, but you’re deemed to do so after a couple of tries in the Volcano dungeon. It is important to note that this dungeon doesn’t reset after a player leaves it.

Instead, a full day has to pass in order for the dungeon to reset. So, realistically, players that are looking to get this ring are looking at a couple of days of trying, in order to get the Hot Java ring.

The generation of the dungeon is quite random, so pinpointing exact locations of chests is not an easy thing to do. What we know about this dungeon though, is the fact that Level 0 is always the entrance, Level 5 is the dwarf shop, and Level 9 is a square shaped level that leads to the forge.

However, this level doesn’t reset a full real day, meaning it resets after a day in Stardew Valley, so this ring is easily obtainable.

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