Tfue Hyperscape Settings, Keybinds & Setup

About Tfue

Turner Ellis Tenney also known as “Tfue” is American streamer and esports players. Here you can check Tfue latest Hyperscape settings, keybinds & setup configuration.

Tfue HyperScape Settings

Game settings Input
Gaming MouseRazer Viper Mini
Mouse Vertical Sensitivity7
Mouse Horizontal Sensitivity M.7
ADS Low Zoom Sensitivity 35
ADS High Zoom Sensitivity35
Mouse Look inversionDisabled
Mouse accelerationOff

Tfue Hyperscape Keybind Settings

Automatic vaultOn
Damage Stacking modeNo delay
Inventory Wheel modeHold
World map modeToggle
Auto Switch Weapon when emptyEnabled

Tfue Hyperscape Graphic Settings

Graphics SettingInput
Display ModeFullscreen
Frame Rate LimitUnlocked
Material QualityDefault
Texture QualityDefault
Detail QualityDefault
UI QualityDefault
Display FPSDefault
Anti AliasingDefault
Anisotropic FilteringDefault
Gun VisualsDefault
Improve ClarityDefault
Distortion Default

Tfue Hyperscape Settings

Tfue Hyperscape Gameplay

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