The Best Arrows In Skyrim

The Best Arrows in Skyrim! Capable archers in Skyrim can swiftly and without any effort defeat their enemies.

You can be a pretty powerful mage in Skyrim. However, bowmen are usually very skillful players whose primary goal is to eliminate threats before becoming a full-blown fight.

It requires a lot of focus and attention to defeat enemies using your bow successfully. Your arrows have a significant impact too.

That’s why we are giving you the best 5 arrows in Skyrim.

  1. Dragonbone Arrow

These are probably the most potent arrows. However, hunter beware, these can be extremely difficult to acquire.

One way is if you kill dragons and use their bones to make these arrows. You can smelt them in forges along with firewood, to obtain the Dragonbone Arrows.

You need to be at least level 45 to get them. The location for these is the Soul Cairn.

  1. Daedric Arrow

These are the arrows from the depths of hell. Their unsettling design showcases just how much damage these can do.

They are mostly crafted with ebony and must be fused with the heart of a Deadra. You need to smelt or forge them, and they come in sets of 24.

So, these can be attained more easily.

  1. Sunhallowed Elven Arrow

Sophisticated arrows made from Elves. They are the regular Elven arrows, but with a huge enchant to make them more powerful.

You need to find Knight-Paladin Gelbor and give him regular Elven arrows to get the Sunhallowed ones. They explode on impact and cause a powerful sunlight effect that damages enemies.

  1. Bloodcursed Elven Arrow

These arrows have the same esthetic as a regular Elven arrow. However, their tip is soaked in blood, making them cursed.

To get a feel of how evil these arrows are, one can look no further than their ability. These arrows can block out the sun for a day if shot directly at it!

These can be obtained after a certain point in the game when you finish the “Touching the Sky” quest.

  1. Stalhrim Arrow

The Stalhrim arrows are the perfect arrows in the province of Skyrim. They have near perfect dimensions and design, making it a safe choice arrow.

Like some other arrows, these can be obtained in the world, but the chances are slim that you would find them. Instead, you can forge them easily.

The quest “A New Source of Stalhrim” needs to be finished to get these arrows.

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