The Medium: How to Get Bolt Cutters

The Medium is a difficult horror game. However, that’s not the only thing that it has going for it. In fact this game is much more focused on puzzles and mysteries and while it might jump-scare you from time to time, the main emphasis is put on the player’s puzzle-solving skills. Sometimes, players will tend to even struggle with relatively easy tasks such as picking up a pair of bolt cutters.

The main reason for this is because of the game’s dynamic two-dimensional gameplay. One you play in the past, and one in the future.

How to Get the Bolt Cutters – The Medium

You might see the bolt cutters in one world as a rough white object which you cannot pick up. In these cases, you will have to switch to the other world where you can.

Getting the bolt cutters will be an objective when you’re trying to find Richard. Basically, you will need to find a way into the Dayroom which will require you to get the bolt cutters. Since the game will lead you to their exact location, we will show you how you can get them, or pick them up:

  1. When you’re near the bolt cutters interact with them, chances are you won’t be able to pick them up.
  2. When near them, go to the doorway that will be on your right.
  3. Interact with the mirror so that you switch to the other universe or dimension.
  4. Go back outside from the same door, and then you will be able to pick up the bolt cutters from the ground.

Before you progress to the other objective, make sure that you go back inside the room as there might be some notes which reveal parts of the stories and some clues you can use.

The next objective will of course be to infiltrate the Dayroom. Now, since you will have the bolt cutters, you will be able to do so, and you will be quite a few steps closer to finding Richard!

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