Torchlight 3: Can You Attack While Moving

Torchlight 3 has a special combat system. It’s not particularly move-based system, but ranged heroes can be quite difficult to fight with.

Players are wondering how to fight as efficiently as possible with these ranged heroes, because they seem to be the crowd-favorite heroes. The main question is specifically, can you attack while moving in Torchlight 3?

We have looked the combat system closely to get this information, and today, we will share it with you.

Can you Attack While Moving – Torchlight 3

This game seems to get some ideas from the Diablo franchise. I don’t want to label it this way, because a lot of other RPGs have similar style combat and other mechanics.

Positioning can be quite important in this game, which means moving while attacking will be a great option.

So, let’s get to it. Can you attack while moving in Torchlight 3?

The short answer is, no. You cannot move while attacking in this game. And while this is certainly unfortunate, all is not lost.

What you can do to move more efficiently is changing your controls, so you can move with the WASD keys, instead of the mouse click.

You might get more fluent movements and therefore better positioning in fights. From what I know about this topic, you can’t move with either ranged and close-range attacks.

However, it’s more important to move while you use ranged attacks since enemies can charge towards you, when you are not ready. While the close-range attacking is different since you are already ready to face your enemies from up-close.

There is no workaround this mechanic, as it’s an intentional game design. We have seen in the past, that all of the Torchlight titles feature the same movement quirks. So, whether you are playing the newest one or the others, you can’t move while attacking.

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