Valheim DLC: Will Valheim Have DLCs

Since the release of Valheim back in February, the game’s player base exponentially grew.

The game is huge, and has an enormous progression curve. However, like many other survival games, we know that you can slowly reach a point in the game where it is the end of the journey. It is unfortunate for many, and that’s why developers opt-in for DLCs.

DLC means downloadable content officially, but for those that are not aware, it is essentially bonus content you can add on top of the game. Well, it isn’t surprising that the most common question in the Valheim community now is whether the game will have DLCs.

Will Valheim Have DLCs?

Thankfully, the developers of Valheim – Iron Gate AB, have been more or less clear on the future of Valheim. The answer to the question whether Valheim will have DLCs is a resounding yes.

On top of that, there is so much updates and additions that will even be implemented in 2021. Now, while we have a list of names for “DLCs” or updates, we don’t know whether they’ll be DLCs in the traditional sense.

What I mean by this is that we are not aware whether these are regular updates, or they will be more like DLCs, and players could potentially buy more content for Valheim.

Here is what we have as the official names for updates or DLCs in Valheim, planned for 2021:

There is no doubt that players won’t be with a shortage for content by the end of 2021. But as I said, much of these updates are not clear in terms of what is planned, except for the fourth update.

According to GamesRadar, in the fourth update, there will be a new biome that players can explore, called Mistlands.

On top of many of the supposedly huge updates that are planned for this game, there will be some general improvements to things like combat, multiplayer interactions, moon phases and more.

In general, the game is on a great path to success, and at the moment, it has already reached its first milestone of one million players. Also, it is in the top five games on Steam, based on how many players are online in a given moment.

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