Valheim: How to Make Grass

Even though Valheim is a game that puts so much emphasis on survival, there is no doubt that the game has one of the best building mechanics out there right now.

The point is that building in this game is quite fun and realistic, and although esthetics don’t matter to many, the game has a way of making them important. There is nothing better then a well built out base in this harsh Viking world.

With that said, stuff like growing grass, trees, and similar is essential to making your base look the best that it can.

How to Make Grass – Valheim

Now, it is important to know that you do have to have progressed quite a bit in order to grow some grass. This is because you will need bronze in order to grow grass.

If you haven’t yet that part of the game, then you will be unable to grow grass. However, if you have, then you will need to use the forge in order to make a Cultivator.

The Cultivator is a tool which you can use to make grass in Valheim. When you have it equipped, just right-click and then choose grass from the list.

Then you will need to aim at the spot which you want to fill up with grass. The game will have an outline of where the grass will be placed.

As I said, Valheim is a bit complex and has many unorthodox mechanics, but these are what make it one of the best survival games out there.

Since this game is still in early access, at the time of writing this is the way to grow grass in Valheim, however, that might change in the future, especially in the next four big updates that are scheduled for this year.

Some mechanics also are a bit bizarre, and many of Valheim fans and players are frustrated about them, but there is no doubt that Iron Gate AB does a good job of being transparent and available for feedback!

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