Valheim: Where to Find Trolls

Valheim has a diverse roster of creatures. Most of them are bizarre, and they will do anything to take you down!

On top of these unusual creatures there are also bosses in the game. But Iron Gate AB – Valheim’s developers, have done a good job of easing their players into the harsh world of the Vikings.

Trolls, are well, hideous gigantic creatures. They’re often very powerful, but you will need to hunt them down in order to get stuff like the troll hide, troll trophy, or coins. However, tracking them down is a bit of a challenge. But we will crack open that mystery!

Where to Find Trolls – Valheim

As I said, they’re gigantic creatures, and they have a lot of health, usually around 600. They have a couple of attacks, but the most notable ones are the throwing ones.

Trolls have a chance to spawn with a humongous log in their hands which if it hits a player, it deals a lot of AoE damage. But where can you find trolls in Valheim?

Your best bet of finding trolls in Valheim is the Black Forest, more specifically, caves or dungeons.

For those that are not aware the cave entrances in the Black Forest are similar to the famous attraction Stonehenge. There are a couple of vertical rocks, and with a few rocks on top of them to serve as roofing.

Inside these, you will find a couple of trolls. The spawn rate is random, and most of the time you might only get to fight one, but there have been cases where 4-5 spawn inside the cave.

Some might also be lingering outside of the cave. The best chance you have of taking down these hideous creatures is using a bow and arrow and battling them from afar. You can also kite back when you attack them.

Use fire arrows if possible as they do quite a lot of damage to the trolls, and aim for the head. The headshots deal much more damage, and have a good chance of stunning your target. Fight strong, Viking!

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