Voice Chat Not Working In Phasmophobia – How To Fix

Communication is a very important aspect in Phasmophobia. In order to catch these scary ghosts, you need to coordinate with the other players, so you can choose which tactics to use.

Furthermore, it’s not just the players you should be talking to. You can communicate with the spirits too, and sometimes they might give you hints or evidence that would prove very beneficial to your case.

However, players seem to be having issues with their push-to-talk. That’s why we will tell you how to fix voice chat not working in Phasmophobia.

How to Fix: Voice Chat Not Working in Phasmophobia

It seems like this issue has been around ever since the launch of this paranormal game. The game’s developers have been quite honest about these cases, and the possibility of it happening.

Nonetheless, we talked about how useful and important comms are, but what happens when you have issues with it?

Well, here is the fix:

Kinetic Games, Phasmophobia’s developers have told us what to do in these cases. The only thing you can do is quit the current match you are playing or restart the game altogether.

My advice would be to restart the whole game to avoid going into a match again with no comms. But in many cases, a regular quit of the match will fix this problem. Quit the current match and enter a new lobby.

Apparently, this issue can arise when Alt-Tabbing the game. This is not official developer information, but a lot of players are reporting this.

According to the original statement from the developers, it does not go into specific details about what causes this issue, but it clearly states that it can happen sometimes.

Nevertheless, even if it does happen, now you know how to fix it, use one of the two methods mentioned above. If you are still unlucky, consider contacting support or reinstalling the game.

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