Wasteland 3 Ballerina Puzzle | How to Solve

If you are a Wasteland fan, you probably know about the infamous Ballerina Puzzle. It is one of the most challenging problems players have to solve in Wasteland 3.

It is located in the Clown Museum, which is left of Arapaho Caravan. When you reach the ballerinas, they do not work i.e., don’t spin. You have to find a way in which you can make the ballerinas perform. Let’s find out how can we solve Ballerina Puzzle.

How To Do The Ballerina Puzzle

At first glance, it seems easy enough, make the ballerinas spin. Nevertheless, some players get stuck on this bit for hours, and some even days. So, how do you solve this extremely challenging ballerina puzzle?

Firstly, speak to the lady on the intercom from the shack. The shack or garage is located on the western side of the map. She’ll advise you to fix the ballerinas.

If you defeated all the enemies initially, check your inventory on whether you looted a Ballerina Gyro. If not, return to where you had slain the enemies and pick up the leader’s gyro.

However, you need four gyros. The second one is located left of the shack, in a sort of like a pig farm. At the end of the path, there is a pile of feces from the pig in the middle. Dig it up, and you will find the second gyro.

Now you have two. To get the third gyro, go to the west side of the map where a bowling area is set up. Stand on the red, yellow, and blue star. You will notice behind the bowling area is a power line. When you stand here, it changes from yellow to blue. Blue means that there is power.

Leave one of your characters standing at this point, and switch to solo mode. Follow the power line into a small garage. In there, you can get the third gyro.

The last one is located slightly right of the far proper ballerina when looking straight at the puzzle. Under a tree, you will find a pile of debris in which the last gyro is located.

Now that you have all the missing gyros, it’s time to repair the ballerinas. Interact with each ballerina, fix it, and flip the power on. Make sure all are spinning.

Lastly, go and talk to the lady on the intercom, which started all of this madness.

After talking with the lady on the intercom, you can continue on the next part of the mission and hopefully get some exciting loot. Good luck!

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