Wasteland 3 – Best Heavy Weapons

There are different builds in Wasteland 3. There are sniper builds, heavy hitter builds, lucky builds, and many more. People discard heavy weapons on Wasteland 3 because they need specific attributes to wield.

Attributes like Coordination, Strength, and Awareness are needed. Most heavy weapons come in the form of machine guns, flamethrowers, and similar oversized weapons. Today we will focus on which are the best heavy weapons for a heavy build.

From Roasty Toasty, a weapon that sprays enemies with burning diesel fuel, to projectors that can shoot lightning, there is no denying that heavy weapons can be fun. Let’s find out best heavy weapons for Wasteland 3!

Best Heavy Weapons

Most of the squads in Wasteland 3 will contain rangers at their best when with big oversized guns. Those rangers are usually tanks or extreme DPS characters.

You can either go a tank build, or a high DPS build. Both are effective. It’s just a matter of preference. The list below has taken into consideration: AP, damage, capacity, range, and unique ability.

What are the best heavy weapons?

1. Flamesaw Cannon

This cannon is from the list of big guns in Wasteland 3. It has a hefty requirement of 9 Big Guns skill to be equipped. It’s a heavy machine gun. It can be upgraded with certain weapon mods, and it also has its particular ability.

  • Range: 15
  • Penetration: 99
  • Crit Chance: 25%
  • Crit Damage: x2.2
  • Base-Hit Chance: 90%

As mentioned above, you need 9 Big Guns to wield this powerful weapon. Furthermore, it is 7 AP. With damage, you can expect to get around 349-485. The ammo capacity for this gun is four, and it is Sawblade Ammo.

Flamesaw Cannon Location: Yuma County Speedway at Gang Compound

2. Graviton Shredder

The Graviton Shredder closely resembles a giant machine gun like the movies. However, even though it is considered a Heavy Machine Gun, it does not act like one. It is a mighty gun, and it is our second choice. However, it does not have a unique ability.

  • Range: 15
  • Penetration: Unknown
  • Crit Chance: 25%
  • Crit Damage: x2.2
  • Base-Hit Chance: 50%

It requires 8 Big Guns skill so it can be equipped. The gun is unique, but not that rare. Weapon AP is five while with damage, you can get 40-54 x9. Ammo capacity is a lot more than the Flamesaw cannon, so you wouldn’t need to worry. It has 36 in one clip, and it requires energy cells.

Graviton Shredder Location: Purchased at Ranger Headquarters armory, only after certain progression in the game.

3. Nidhogg

Unlike the Cannon and the Shredder, this weapon is more usual. However, don’t think that it doesn’t follow the crazy narrative of the game. Still, this is an insane weapon. However, you could say that it is more “normal,” unlike the other significant weaponry.

The item description says it all. It says that it is designed to punch holes in armor plates and modified to take explosive ammunition. So yeah, it is still an unbelievable weapon.

  • Range: 15
  • Penetration: 99
  • Crit Chance: 25%
  • Crit Damage: x2.2
  • Base Hit Chance: 50%

This weapon is almost exactly as good as the Shredder while requiring less Big Guns skills i.e., 7. However, the ammo capacity is 30, which is slightly less than the Shredder. It takes .50 ammo and does 49-69 x5 damage, which is a lot less than the Shredder. Nevertheless, it could be a viable option because you can get it early in Aspen and the requirements aren’t that big.

Nidhogg Location: In Aspen in the bunker

These weapons are considered to be the most potent, Best Heavy Weapons out there. If you have heavy Rangers in your squad, you will most certainly need to get one or all of them. Also, consider adding some mods on these weapons since it improves them by a significant margin. Have fun!

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