Wasteland 3 : Exoskeleton Armor Set Location

There are some undoubtedly strong armors in Wasteland 3. Pieces like the Power Armor and the Nuclear Set are some of the most preferred items. However, another armor proves to be in the middle between the Power and Nuclear set.

This is the Exoskeleton armor. It has a very distinctive look, which most of the players love, while also giving some impressive stats. This is why most want to know the exoskeleton armor location.

A full set gives you +53 armor and also gives off +50% melee damage for an armor that’s pretty close, if not already overpowered.

Where Is The Exoskeleton Armor Set Location

This armor is perfect for melee rangers. The only drawback it has is that it requires 7 Strength and 3 Weird Science to equip.

Because melee characters are more fun in the game, players are all gathering to find this armor’s location. Luckily for you, we know the exoskeleton armor location:

Exoskeleton Leggings

The exoskeleton leggings can be found at Paint Mines. Firstly, you need to get the Disappeared quest at the Ranger HQ. You need to have progressed to some later point in the game because NPCs will come to HQ and give you this quest.

In Pain Mines to the west at the crane shape part of the map, next to an abandoned trailer, are the legs.

Exoskeleton Helmet

The helmet for this set is acquired at the Abandoned Oil Well in Colorado. You will have to attack the mobs. After successfully killing them, the helmet will be in the loot pile.

Exoskeleton Chest

Exoskeleton chest can be found in two ways:

Method #1

Go to Little Hell and then to Patriarch’s Suite. Repair the toaster in the corner to find Poke Action Figure.

Then go to Broadmoor Heights to find Vic Buchanan and interact. You will now have access to a private wing in Patriarch Palace. After that, go to Vic’s room to repair the other toaster to get Peek Figure.

Now go to The Patriarch and tell him that you have both of the figurines. You will receive the Exoskeleton chest.

Method #2

The second way involves going to Yuma County Speedway, the last location in the game. Then go to Scar Collector Mine.

In the south-west part of the map in the entrance, you will find two loot boxes. Inside is the chesplate. However, you will need to have a high level of nerd stuff to open them.

The Exoskeleton armor isn’t the most substantial equipment in the game. However, it is one of the best armors for melee rangers. Those who enjoy melee heroes are highly advised to find this unique armor.



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