Wasteland 3 : How To Get Poultron Companion

Like the unique perks, abilities, and equipment this game’s got, there are also fascinating companions. For example, there are companions like walking toasters, weird cyborgs, flying companions, etc.

Another interesting example would be the Poultron companion. This acquaintance to the squad is a weird-looking robot that has a chicken body. The weirdest thing is that it hasn’t got a head. However, if you are a high-achiever progress-wise, you need to know how to get the Poultron Companion.

How To Acquire The Poultron Companion

Poultron is not that strong, and it is more of like a trophy than a high-performing companion. To get in, you have to find certain things in some locations and create a chicken farm.

To get this Poultron companion, you have to do the following:

Find all of the cyborg chickens in Colorado Springs. There are four of them. It’s required to have an animal whisperer to get the chickens to follow you. The locations for these chickens are:

  • Garden of the Gods
  • Sans Luxe Apartments
  • Secret Prison in Broadmoor Heights
  • Church of the Final Deluge in Broadmoor Heights
  • After finding all the chickens, bring them to Ranger HQ to the Coop.

To get the Poultron, it will require some time. So, you would have to continue with the game and come back once in a while to check whether the Poultron has emerged.

When the proper time comes, and the Poultron wants to emerge, it will start a cut-scene, and the mighty and powerful companion will be born. Good luck!


Borut Udovic

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