Wasteland 3 Toaster Locations | Where To Find

In Wasteland 3, as well as its predecessor, there are exciting toasters distributed throughout the world at different locations.

Why are these toasters interesting? Repairing them gives you special rewards, and the ability for bonus loot, fire effects, and similar. To fix these toasters, you need to have Toaster Repair Skill. At rank 3, you get bonus loot, on rank 5, you get to make your toast that heals you, and at rank 7 and 10 gives you bonus fire damage by 25% and inflict a burning effect. Let’s find out where those toaster locations exactly are…

Where Are These Toasters Located?

Most of the toasters locations are quite easy to find, while others you need to finish specific missions in order to get access to their location.

Broadmoor Heights Wesson Toaster Location

The Broadmoor Toaster is located, of course, in Broadmoor Heights of Colorado Springs. You will need to find the Wesson family house, which is south on the map. Dorseys have raided the area.

Wesson’s house has a lot of mines and tripwires. You will need a High Explosive skill to disarm those. The toaster’s location is in the kitchen.

Ranger HQ Toaster Location

If not found when firstly taking over the Ranger base, this toaster will remain even after the renovations. Ranger HQ toaster location can be found on the east side of the base in the mess hall.

Sans Luxe Apartments Toaster Location

Sans Luxe Apartments are located in Dorseys at The Garden of The Gods. Upon this victory, Sans Luxe landlady Rosie will invite you to the complex for a mission.

Upon spawning, head straight down the hall until you reach the apartment of Irv. On the opposite side are apartments. Find the unlocked one. Inside you will find the toaster on a table.

Hoon Homestead Toaster Location

When traveling in your Kodiak, look for Hoon Homestead right of Colorado Springs on the world map. This particular homestead has the last toaster. Enemies will greet you once you go there, so watch out. Once you are inside, you’ll find the toaster in the kitchen.

Toaster Repair skill is an exciting way of getting extra and bonus gear. Furthermore, along with finding the toasters, you get other items as well. Lastly, you get bonus fire damage, as said above, which is overpowered if you run a fire skill character.

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