Wasteland 3 Union Station Bug: How To Fix

Wasteland 3, apart from having weird crash errors on Xbox and PC, players have also experienced the Union Station bug.

You will need to visit the Union Station for a mission. In there, you will find the Morningstar AI and Fishlips. While progressing through the game, you will get an SOS call from Denver. This distress call will come from someone named Morningstar.

When talking to Fishlips in Union Station, you will have three options for action to decide. All of them involve a battle. The bug happens when going through the quest and fighting off enemies. Sometimes it can freeze your screen or get stuck in an endless loop of switching characters.

How To Fix The Union Station Bug

The bug happens almost halfway through the mission when you get in your Kodiak and attack Fishlips. After the first turn, it starts a loop switching between characters and dropping frames or freezing.

The main ways to fix the Union Station Bug are:

  • Switch Between Fullscreen and Windowed mode
  • Use The 7 First Aid Line Option

At the beginning of the mission, when you talk to Fishlips, he gives you three options. The options are Kick-Ass 4, Hard Ass 6, First Aid 7, and a reply. Choose First Aid 7 to go around the problem completely.

It does seem like the Hard Ass option does have problems, which might be linked to the particular reward you get from that. Sadly, there is a good chance this will happen when you make this choice, but if you want to play it this way, try the first method of fixing the issue.

If not, we are stuck on playing the First Aid option until the developers fix the issue with an update.

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