Wasteland 3 : What Is The Max Level Cap

Wasteland’s 3 predecessors, version one and two of the game, had different max level cap than the successor. Wasteland 1 had no level cap, while the sequel had a level cap of 50.

One of Wasteland players’ biggest requests for the newest game was to bring back no level cap into the game. Players flooded with requests because gamers missed the freedom of infinitely leveling up and upgrading your character. Players were disappointed with Wasteland 2 just because it introduced a maximum amount of levels that you can reach.

The Max Level Cap In Wasteland 3

Unfortunately, Wasteland 3 does have a max level cap of 35. Reaching level 35 would require more than 130,000 experience points. At level 35, players will have about 16 perk points for spending.

However, players got scared because the max level is so low, 15 levels lower than Wasteland 2. Not so fast, though. While it might be true that there is a significant decrease in levels, but the overall experience points system stayed the same.

In other words, even though 15 levels might sound like a lot, it most definitely isn’t. Because the developers may have cut down on the levels, but in Wasteland 2, the most experience points you can get was 141,000. While today, in its successor, it is almost as much with 131,200 experience points.

Many reports also state that in the newest game, it is harder to earn experience points. So, in theory, players would level up slower today instead of in Wasteland 2.

If you want to level up extremely fast in Wasteland 3, you can use the Charisma XP boost. You can combine a 30% XP boost with 5% from utility item and 5% bookworm, which decreases the experience needed for level 35 by almost 40,000 XP.

Furthermore, you can make a full squad of Rangers with Charisma, which will snowball this effect. However, it is sad that a max level cap was introduced to the sequel, but maybe that was the way of keeping things organized in Wasteland 3.

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