Watch Dogs Legion – How Many Recruits Can You Have?

The story in Watch Dogs Legion, doesn’t revolve around a main character. The story is more dynamic, and you can get closer to your goals by playing many different characters in the game.

But who can you recruit? Can you recruit anyone? Yes, you can, practically anyone in London is a possible recruit. But this means that you can have the whole of London working for you, or can you?

How Many Recruits Can You Have in Watch Dogs Legion?

Even though you can make any NPC join your team, there is a limit to how much actual characters you can play. There is a limit to how many recruits you can have active at one time.

So, how much is this limit? Well, you can have 45 active recruits at any one time in Watch Dogs Legion.

Everyone can be recruited, but you have to have free slots in order to get them to join your team. To do this you must delete some of your other recruits to get others.

How Can Your Recruit Characters?

To recruit the people from London, if you find them a potential DedSec candidate, save them to your list of recruits.

Once they are on this list, you will have to do a side mission in order to convince them to join you on your journey. Otherwise, you can’t successfully recruit characters.

However, one important thing to mention is that all of the “saved” recruits, take up a place for possible recruits. This means that the list of 45 consists of already recruited characters, with some saved ones.

So, do those missions as soon as possible just because they’ll take up unnecessary space in your candidate’s list.

Nonetheless, you can easily remove characters by going into the Operatives menu and retiring those that you find fit to do so.

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