Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Hack the Satellite Dishes on the Roof

There are many challenging missions in the newest installment of Watch Dogs. Each of these difficult missions will test your strengths and weaknesses as a hacker. Much like the Malik Dossier quest.

Along with a few objectives, it will be asked of you to infiltrate SIRS HQ and hack the satellite dishes on the top. What makes it challenging is that this area is a restricted area.

No worries though, we will tell you how you can hack the satellite dishes on the roof in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to Hack the Satellite Dishes on the Roof – Watch Dogs: Legion

Like I said, this area is closed off to the general public, which means that you will have to posses some ingenuity to infiltrate the base.

Most of it is straightforward, but your positioning is important, and there will be a mini-puzzle when you try to hack the antennas at the top.

Without wasting more time, this is how to hack the satellite dishes on the roof in Watch Dogs: Legion:

  1. Go in front of the SIRS HQ. If you are inside, make your way outside.
  2. When looking straight at the entrance, make a left and move forward until you see an “Unauthorized Access Denied” sign.
  3. Climb on the first mini-platform, then climb on the higher platform.
  4. Continue making your way up until you see some ventilation systems of sorts, then take a right.
  5. Position yourself above the entrance, look up and you will see cameras on the roof.
  6. Hack one of the cameras – preferably the left one.
  7. Rotate this object until the line is straight:
  8. Hijack the first satellite, as seen on the right side of the picture above.
  9. Follow the same line further and repeat the steps to hijack satellites.
  10. In the middle, there will be a router which you can unlock and hack once you’ve hacked all satellites.
  11. That’s it!

As I said, this mission is straightforward, but you need to have some ingenuity to go between cameras, and position yourself so that the hack can be possible.

Nonetheless, most missions will require some creativity, which makes this title so enjoyable. Good luck with infiltrating the SIRS HQ!

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