What Are the Best Recruits in Watch Dogs Legion?

In Watch Dogs Legion, the operatives are all different and have varying specs, abilities, and perks. With that said, some are exponentially stronger than others.

You can recruit some very over powered characters if you want to. Even though these might be somewhat difficult to recruit, it will definitely be worth it in the end.

Watch Dogs Legion – The Best Recruits

These recruits have a common theme between them, which makes them drastically more viable than other operatives.

Mechanically, they aren’t any different than other characters, and their skillset might not be the best. But they make up for it with their “camouflage” abilities. So, what are the best operatives in Watch Dogs Legion?

1. Albion Contractor


  • Elite Combat Cloak – Ability to be invisible for a brief moment, and shoot while you are at it.
  • Uniformed Access – You will be recognized as an ally at Albion locations.
  • Bandana – Immunity to heavy and deadly gasses.
  • M590 – Semi-Auto Shotgun

You must get this recruit on a mission, but be careful not to kill him/her. Save it to recruits and then die. After you start the mission again, there will be different enemies which means that you can recruit the one you saved.

2. Clan Kelley Enforcer


  • Elite Turret Spider – Fire at enemies, or blow up next to enemies. Choose the one that blows up.
  • Uniformed Access – Like the Albion one, you can access areas which are owned by Clan Kelley.
  • Negev – Light Machine Gun. Well, not that light maybe.
  • Crowbar – Melee tool or weapon.

Make sure to get the one that has the spider which blows up. The firing spider operative is not as powerful as others. Get this recruit at Clan Kelley locations.

3. Protest Leader – Baldwin Daka


  • Megaphone – Use it to yell and people will start joining you and helping you with objectives.
  • Tear Gas – Throw it to disorient and damage enemies.
  • Bandana – Immunity to deadly gasses, especially tear gas.
  • Albion Vendetta – Extra Faction Damage

Stand close to NPCs and use the megaphone to encourage them to join you. To find these protests leaders, find a protest and look around for these operatives.

They will have a distinctive pig mask, so you won’t miss them.

Why These Operatives?

They will help you a lot on your missions. Especially Albion Contractor and the Clan Kelley Enforcer. You can virtually walk undetected in the corresponding areas.

This is a huge bonus, because as you know, when doing these types of missions, you will have to come up with quite creative and frankly difficult ways to breach the security.

With all that being said, make sure to recruit these operatives while still doing the campaign. The Protest Leader can prove beneficial in other types of situations.

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