When are The Aussie Eggs Leaving Adopt Me?

The Aussie egg is a legendary egg in the game Adopt Me!. It succeeded the Farm egg on February 29, 2020, and it is the second limited egg in the game. The Aussie egg is an Australian-themed egg, and it was created to support the animals that lost their lives and were injured in the bush-fires in Australia in 2020 by Adopt Me! developers.

In this respect, its appearance has brown ears, a brown center, and a small pouch and resembles a kangaroo. It can be bought from Gumball Machine located in Nursery and consists of only limited eggs. There are six tasks to hatch the Aussie egg, and players can hatch one of the eight pets, which are Bandicoot, Dingo, Emu, Australian Kelpie, Frog, Koala, Turtle, and Kangaroo. The price of the Aussie egg is 750 Bucks.

When is the Aussie eggs going to leave

On the other hand, players of Adopt Me! discuss that the Aussie egg will be replaced by a new egg for a while. These discussions have been confirmed by an announcement made on July 19 on the official Twitter page of Adopt Me !, and the Aussie egg will undoubtedly be replaced by another new egg. 

The name of this new egg, whose release date has not yet been announced, has been identified as the Fossil egg by Staycation Adopt Me announcement video on August 20. It is known that the Fossil egg will take its place in the game with the near-future update.

In addition, it can be understood that the date when the Aussie Egg will be replaced by the Fossil egg is approaching with the announcement made on August 20 on Twitter, and Aussie Egg will say goodbye to players.

We recommend you to stock up on Aussie egg before leaving its place to Fossil egg.

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