Will Baldurs Gate III Come Out On Xbox One And PS4

Baldur’s Gate III is an utterly well-made game. Well, that’s to be expected by its developers who have pushed amazing after amazing title every time.

Games like Divinity: Original Sin II, Baldur’s Gate II, and the original Divinity give you a sense that these developers know what they are doing. And it’s precisely the same with their newest game Baldur’s Gate III.

But, will Baldur’s Gate III come out on Xbox One and PS4?

RPGs are popular on a console. This is because, in the old days, RPGs were mostly just for PC. But, now, we see a sudden shift.

After the gameplay reveal, Larian Studios didn’t talk about anything that will resemble Baldur’s Gate coming to PS4 and Xbox.

So, unfortunately, Baldur’s Gate III isn’t available for PS4 or Xbox One. The game is going to be available on Google Stadia and Microsoft Windows strictly.

Quickly glancing at the game’s official site shows that Larian Studios haven’t said much about the topic. Multiple developers are saying that the game will be in development even when launched.

In other words, they probably do want to change things, and of course, provide regular updates.

But, as for implementing new platforms, we do not know. We looked at other titles released from Larian Studios, and frankly, none of them are available on Playstation, Nintendo, and Xbox.

That being said, chances are really low that they implement these. They are sticking to what they know, and that’s PC. Nevertheless, it’s unfortunate for console players, but this means that they can focus more on one platform and improve the game more efficiently.

If you are on PC and choose to embark on an adventure in this world, make sure to read your origin since it can tell you a lot of information about which playstyle you should have. Have fun!

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