Will Crysis Remastered Come Out On Xbox One And PS4

Crysis was a pretty good game back in the day. Indeed, they made some questionable sequels, but now it is back, and it is remastered.

The game has refreshed its looks, gameplay, mechanics, characters, story, and much more. The old Crysis games were mostly available on consoles and PC. But what about this one? Will Crysis Remastered come out on Xbox One and PS4?

Will Crysis Remastered Come Out On Xbox One And PS4

Console players can celebrate because this game is available for both Xbox One and PS4! Crytek, one of the game’s developers, announced this sometime in August.

Besides, they added that they will be adding support for the Nintendo Switch. And weirdly enough, you can play this game on Xbox 360 and PS3.

This is because even though they remastered some of the graphics, they’ve managed to make them as optimized as possible. So, if you prefer or haven’t upgraded to the newest consoles, you can freely play this game.

But the graphics are well over what is expected from a remastered game or a game that runs on Xbox 360 and PS3. The only drawback is the movement.

They use their engine called CryEngine 3, but somehow the game movement isn’t that great. Critics were quick back in the day and talked about this topic, but it seems like the developers felt the movement was fine.

Maybe some hardcore Crysis fans enjoy the movements in-game, but they feel outdated for the most part.

Nevertheless, the game is wholly refreshed and feels like an entirely new game. If you want to fight mercenaries, please do so. And you can also fight enemies on the go using the Nintendo Switch!

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