Yakuza: Like a Dragon Game Pass | Is It On Xbox Game Pass?

Yakuza: Like A Dragon is a role-playing game developed by Sage. The game, release in the coming days, is among the highly anticipated game by many gamers.

It has been announced by official accounts that the game will be released for many platforms.

It is also eagerly awaited by gamers that Yakuza: Like A Dragon will be added to Microsoft’s game provider Game Pass.

Let’s see if is Yakuza: Like a Dragon on a Xbox Game Pass.

Is Yakuza: Like A Dragon On A Xbox Game Pass?

Yakuza will be released primarily for the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, Microsoft’s game console. Also, the game will be compatible with PC.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon, which will be released on November 10, 2020, for the above platforms, will not be available for PS5 in the first stage.

Also, Yakuza will not be added to Xbox Game Pass in the first phase. A list was recently published under the title “Day One Xbox Series X | S Optimized Titles” in the news on Xbox’s official site.

On this list, there is no information that Yakuza: Like A Dragon will be added to Game Pass, and it has become clear that it will not be added to Game Pass on day one.

On the other hand, it is possible that the game will be added on Game Pass.

Finally, if you have a Game Pass account and want to play Yakuza: Like A Dragon, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

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