Zombie Army 4: How to Get Second Chance Gold Perk

Many take Zombie Army 4 for that cliché zombie game that isn’t at all interesting, but the truth is that this can’t be further from the truth. For one, the game has a very complex progression system. There are perks which you can utilize to maximize your zombie destroyer capabilities. On top of that, there is gear and weapons to worry about.

So, it is not as though the game is particularly simple. To get a certain perk to the next level can be fairly difficult, as it is the case with the Second Chance perk.

Get Second Chance Gold Perk – Zombie Army 4

During your progression, you will find that to level up a perk, you will need to do some sort of mini objective. If you already have the Second Chance silver perk, you can possibly upgrade it to gold.

There will be some strategical points you will get when doing this, and you will have a much easier time if enemies knock you.

However, to get the Second Chance gold perk, you will need to eliminate 15 enemies within three seconds.

That is not an easy thing to do, and not for the obvious reasons. Yes, fifteen enemies are a lot, but killing them in three seconds is even more mind-blowing. Setup is very important, so, that’s why we’ll talk about what kind of setup you need.

For one, you will need to find a huge mob of zombies, as many as possible. Even if they’re more than 15, it is better to have more, than less.

Then, lure them to a spot where there are gas containers nearby. Gas containers are the little red ones, that look much like oxygen tanks. Lure as many enemies close to those gas containers, and then let them down you.

Once you get the second chance perk activated, shoot the gas tanks to make a huge explosion, taking down all of the zombies.

There should be a counter on the right side of your screen of how many zombies you have killed, if the number is higher than 15, then you will get the second chance gold perk.

If you don’t get it after five minutes of completion, then make sure to restart the game.

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